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How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

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How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

Post by xrdoge »

XRdoge can be bought/traded via Bitrue

How to Buy XRdoge using & Xumm

1) First you need to download Xumm Wallet

2) Send some XRP to your Xumm Wallet (note: when sending XRP 'to' Xumm a Tag is not required). You will need to account for the 10 XRP required for the wallet itself and also 2 XRP for the trustline you will be setting up in the next steps

3) Go to and click 'Access Dex', in the top right hand corner click to connect wallet and select Xumm, this should prompt you to sign the request in the Xumm App, slide right to accept

4) Now your Xumm wallet is connected to the Sologenic DEX you can click 'TRADE' in Sologenic, then click 'Market' and click 'Base', select XRP for the Base, now click on 'Counter', click 'Issuer', click '+Other', in the 'Enter Custom Issuer' field input the following: "rLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA" (without the quotes) then click the 'Currency' field and select XRDoge, click to confirm

5) It's recommended you save this trading pair as a favourite by clicking the star icon for easy access in the future

6) You can now select your new currency pair and on the right hand side of the screen you will be able to place Market and Limit orders using your available balances

7) When you make a trade the Xumm App will require you to sign to accept the transaction in the same way as when you set the trustline

8) You will be able to view your XRdoge balance in your Xumm wallet and the in the Sologenic Dex

If you're completely new to Crypto and you need to buy Crypto with a VISA/Mastercard please first see our page 'Buy with FIAT'
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Re: How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

Post by xrdoge_m00nboy »

One of the best guides I've seen.. hopefully will allow some more people to get some xrdoge :) - XRDOGE TO MOON!
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Re: How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

Post by FoxTrotX »

Thank you for this guide. For sure, and concerning many things, it's easier to go for something when there are clear instructions to follow. The links attached will be helpful for anyone who visits this post.
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Re: How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

Post by Exodus »

The tips will be helpful in the future, and it's nice of you to consider people who are only starting with crypto. Knowing the necessary information will make it easier to buy crypto with these greatly simplified instructions.
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Re: How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

Post by xdc »

You can also get XRdoge on and as well now.
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Re: How to Buy XRdoge - Guides

Post by jjwest »

Nice guide! I appreciate you breaking it down like that. Now I can just forward it on to my friends and family who will inevitably want in.
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